European Alternative Dispute Resolution

EADR strives for reliable, fair and just, out-of-court settlements. These processes enable both parties to resolve their disputes through experienced professionals without the need for litigation, and in a timely manner.

Before you open a dispute make sure you have:

  • First tried to find a solution directly with your operator.
  • Familiarised yourself with the Rules of Procedure.

Writing the dispute:

  • Be truthful and brief.
  • Attachments are not obligatory but might help substantiate your claim.
  • You can write to us in English or German.
  • Remember that the Terms and Conditions contracted between the operator and you will be fully considered in the dispute resolution process.
  • Disputes are free of charge for players or consumers.

During and after the dispute:

  • You can not communicate verbally with us or with the other party.

I consent to the Privacy Policy.

I have read and accept the Rules of Procedure.

I consent that any personal data from the information being provided may be used for the purpose of investigating the dispute in the interest of both parties. For more information refer to the Privacy Policy.